The Birth of Nekotine

Hi! Name is Gage and I founded Nekotine, an Anime Clothing Line in the Philippines. I am always at awe with anime culture, from the shows itself to the art that is being posted almost everywhere online. Have you ever saw an art on Facebook or Twitter and thought that that would look good on hanged on a wall or just somewhere out there? Well I thought that I would also like artists to show their artwork through clothing. Especially in Japan that is hot area for anime fashion. So I planned to do a clothing brand that revolves around anime artists expressing their passion through fashion.

I wanted artists to atleast show and wear their artwork with pride, a brand that will express art (unlike those other anime clothing brands that only plasters trending anime shows then put it in their shirt even though it's not a legal collaboration. :D)

Why nekotine?
Nekotine is just a play on words between Neko and Nicotine because I think it sounds alright. (Nekocaine was also a choice but I might get brrt brrt here.) Also, a demon cat looks cool imo.

Design inspirations?

Anime will always be my inspiration. I always like looking at art works from pixiv or twitter whether it may be a fanart of an anime show/game or an OC (original character), since that is the platform that most anime artists use. I love the individuality that artists have in their style of drawings and I want it to be a part of clothing style.

But that inspiration has a limitation. Nekotine will not be using art from anime shows unless it is an official collaboration. I don't plan on using arts of shows without their permission for personal gain.

What are the future plans for nekotine?
I want more artists to be a part of Nekotine since in Philippines, most of the people here downplays art a lot. I wanted a platform for artists or those who enjoys art, fashion, and anime to have a "go-to". I am just waiting for this pandemic to be over so Nekotine can join conventions and be active in the community! I like talking to people who shares the same interests as me <3.

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