Kaheru MOA Globe

Curious about the MoA Globe?
Well. The Nekotine and Kaheru Team did that. Our very first Filipino VTuber, Kaheru Orange , included in her video description last April 30, 2022 that she may have an announcement at SM MoA Globe this May 1, 2022 at 6 PM. Sure did a lot of people got curious about it since it is quite vague. Nekotine, also hinted about the May 1 announcement. 
May 1 arrived, the Orange MoA Globe showed Kaheru with the text "May 4 Stream" all night long. May 4 is Kaheru's birthday.
Trash Fam that were about to go home took videos and photos of it which is cute. May 4 arrived, Kaheru announced her merch, together with Nekotine in her birthday stream! We were so happy to see the reactions of MoA Globe and people being so proud of Kaheru. She deserves all the love!
Happy birthday, Kaheru! 🧡

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